Fly over the Toolfair and workshops

24/05/2010 11:48
The new video just being published on YouTube Channel. Now it is a quick look at the toolfair and workshops. It´s that long to be a whole one video so...


20/05/2010 00:40
 In the section Photogalleryyou can find photos from all week, which we spent together in Liberec within project Sailors on the CitizenShip...

Bon Voyage Sailors!

17/05/2010 15:25
Sailors said goodbye to Liberec on Sunday and sailed back to their homes. The entire project has been evaluated by participants themselves, as well...

Sailors flooded Liberec

15/05/2010 16:31
Sailors flooded Liberec and not even a rain disturb them from happening! Friday afternoon offered for people of Liberec remarkable experiences and ...

Sailors Daily news

15/05/2010 15:17
There is an archive of  Sailors Daily News which has been published every day during the festival in Liberec.  

Study visits behind us

12/05/2010 20:51
Wednesday belong to study visits in organizations that work with youth in Liberec region. Participants visited the low-threshold V-Club, listened...

Sailors in the national TV

12/05/2010 20:37
The Good Morning Show on The Czech television welcomed the two of our sailors, the president of LOS - Liberecká občanská společnost Ondřej Lochman...

ToolFair review

11/05/2010 12:35
The impetus to the hotel, which hosts the Festival of the methods of non-formal education, came a lot of interesting personalities. Sailors welcomed...


10/05/2010 19:52
YouTube Channel is active with some new short videos from our activities and more vids are on their way. We also keep BlogSpot can find...

The Tool Fair just opened

10/05/2010 12:38
  Festival of non-formal education has been officialy started couple of minutes ago. A blue marine rope is cut and all participants are enjoying...
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