Sailors on the CitizenShip – XXL fair comes as an event that aims to bring together youth workers/trainers that took part in the Sailors training. In addition, we are open to other experienced colleagues that are active in the youth field and work with the topics of active citizenship and active participation.

The event aims to exchange tools, methods and good practice during a two days tool fair, to provide space for inspiration during study visits to youth info and initiatives centres, to find new points of view during discussions with regional policy makers and interactions with the local public in Liberec during a happening - a creative parade and a personal talk. XXL aims to give you the space to network as well.
We plan to bring together 50 youth workers/trainers form around 25 European countries.


Our aim:

To exchange, learn, explore and discover ways of promoting (European) citizenship and active participation of youth.


Our objectives are:

  • To exchange and learn new methods and tools of youth work for the topics of (European) citizenship and active participation during the tool fair
  • To raise the capacity building of involved organizations through providing space for inspiration by sharing good practice from projects and by taking part in study visits to youth initiative centres
  • To exchange experience of approaches in youth policies in different European countries and local reality by participating in discussion with regional policy makers
  • To develop participants skills of promoting (European) citizenship to general youth and wider public through creative and innovative methods and techniques
  • To promote ways of participating in democratic society by giving general youth and wide public the possibility to take part in a “happening” and to hear life stories from every participant of Sailors on the CitizenShip – XXL
  • To provide participants with space to establish partnerships and set the action steps that will make this cooperation long-lasting