Sailors flooded Liberec

15/05/2010 16:31

Sailors flooded Liberec and not even a rain disturb them from happening! Friday afternoon offered for people of Liberec remarkable experiences and opportunities to participate actively in the event that participants of Sailors On The CitizenShip have prepared themselves. Throughout the afternoon, people could take advantage of special services, "free hug", when boarding the bus offered a "Good-bye" service ", different ways of saying goodbye. Plaza gave a place for the Living Library, where books were Europeans with interesting life stories. For the youngest was ready playground, where the greatest success was face painting. There was also juggling with the promised self-made balls and the information tent where people could get closer to the LOS organization, Youth in Action Programme and the project Sailors On The CitizenShip itself. Partial activities were also inside of OD Plaza, throughout the afternoon, visitors could have fun with improvisational theater, live statues and final dance performances of all the sailors in white-blue shirts and umbrellas. The highlight of the afternoon was a big picture of human - world map, which were photographed from the roof of the Plaza.