Sailors on the CitizenShip

Fair XXL

an event on how to make citizenship accessible and attractive

 8.-16.5.2010 in Liberec


Project Sailors on the CitizenShip was originally implemented as a week training course for youth workers and trainers. The main goals of the events were to make (European) citizenship attractive for youth and explore and furter create interactive methods that could be appliedi n practice. Within 4 years  we welcomed on "our boat" 207 participants from 33 countries. 37 interactive methods were created and we sailed along 8 european countries.

The next stop is going to be in the dock of Liberec. During 8.5. - 16.5.2010 will  in Liberec take place a huge non-formal education fair. The North Bohemian city will welcome 50 participants from 20 European countries and offer the space to share methods and good practises of themes active itizenship and youth participation in public life.


The event is under patronage of the Mudr. Přemysl Sobotka - The President of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. 

Project "Sailors on the CitizenShip" is consists of several separate parts:

Tool fair of methods of non-formal education for themes active citizenship and youth participation in public life. Tool fair will offer non-formal methods ina form of workshops and examples of good practices of projects and initiatives in a form of interactive presentations.


Study visits  - participants of theevent wil have posibility to visit local informative and initiative centres for youth.


Discussions with local policy makers on the topics of youth policy challanges and achievements in practice will offer a space for sharing experience with youth policy in other European countries. Discussion will be in the form of interactive method "The World café"


Happening and live library. - Participants of the project will prepare a big happening for local public with a motto: "Where are you?" The happening will include Living library, improvisating theatre, juggling workshop and lots of buzz!

The whole event we will be comunicated to teh public by an online blog and a youtube tv channel.

The material output from event will be done in a form of a publication and movie about festival.


LOS - Liberecká občanská společnost,