ToolFair review

11/05/2010 12:35

The impetus to the hotel, which hosts the Festival of the methods of non-formal education, came a lot of interesting personalities. Sailors welcomed Mgr. Jan Činčera PhD. from the Technical University in Liberec, exgarant of pedagogy of free time. Mgr. Michal Urban from the Czech National Youth Agency, sent a message: "Think European, get involved locally! Between the participants of ToolFair also appeared Zuzana Tvrzský, who works in NGO V-Club, which has much praised workshop called Hands and Creatives Advertise Yourself.

Regional coordinator and editor for Liberec Peter Handlířová with us to share their in
sights on the day and how she perceives the issue of citizenship: "The international meetings are very helpful to me, I appreciate the most that I meet new people and ideas. Discussion English is very interesting to me, otherwise I puzzle ideas, formulate them correctly, which is not always easy. But the debate nurtures the senses. I think when working with the theme of citizenship is extremely important just to meet people from other countries. But I could recognize on myself  that it is always important to start with myself, in a place where I live and then to confront all of this with European citizenship, which gives us some insight. I really enjoyed the workshop offered me to try certain methods in praxis. Final discussion force us to think about the position of trainer of workshop. I talked about which risks may arise and what are other options for working with the method. It was very beneficial for me to hear the views of other people. "