Leadership Team "Captains" task is primarily a manage the content of the meeting. Each partner country is in the leadership team represented by one pareson. Poland, Germany, Czech Republic and Estiona are as well supported by another person from their organisation.

Sailors XXL Leadership Team: Ondřej, Kasia, Sean, Marco, Thomas
Support: Tonda, Damian, Marita, Anne  

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Involved organizations:


    Česká republika                                                         Poland      


    LOS - Liberecká občanská společnost o.s.                     Unesco Initiatices centre Wroclaw

    Ondřej Lochman                                                           Kasia Szajda                                                    



   Germany                                                                     Estonia       


  ISIS e.V. - Berlín                                                             Eesti Erinoorsootöö Ühing noOR  

  Thomas Wilke                                                                Marco Santos                           



                                                        Great Britain


                                              MADCAP TRUST LIMITED

                                                   Sean McDermott