Sonja Malicevic

State: Bosna and Herzegovina

I am currently working in an Art Association called Center for Visual Communication "Protok",

as an office manager and coordinator of the annual exhibition,

but I am volunteering in another organization - ZDRAVO DA STE / HI NEIGHBOUR for few years already. 

I am studying Psychology and I am on my final year.






Ana Groudeva

State: Bulgaria

Sthg about me ... my hobbies r the violin, fencing and bowling ;)
Otherwise I finished a bachelor degree of "midwifery" and now I'm studying "non formal education".
My motto is - Qui m'aime me suit ;)






Paulina Petrova

State: BulgariaI'm Poly.


I've graduated International relations,

and now I'm studying Master of Finance.

I describe myself with three "E" :









Kati Orav

State: Estonia

I am local activist who to try to develope country life. I have

studied youthwork and this is something I really enjoy.

But most of all I love my home and family, sports, cooking,

reading and writing.





Ian Stuart Maloy

State: Germany

I am a historian specialising in the Nazi times;

additionally I take a keen interest in the phenomenon of genocide and group dynamics. 

My hobbies include bird watching and travelling around central Europe.






Elisa Cattaneo

State: Italy


I'm a curious person and love discover always something new... always

ready to accept tips and suggestions.
In this period I'm keen on theatre and psychology readings...





Gianmarco Pisa
State: Italy

Peace Lover, Peace dreamer... Peace builder!

"Civilian Peace-building" is the "format" of my professional

qualification even if I like to translate it as promotig peace

with justice and addressing consciousness and feeling to

promote social change and non-violent engagement!





Darko Jakimovski
State: Macedonia


I'm last year in university studying Macedonian and South-Slavic Literature... 
I like music and traveling and also European politics:)
I like to go to parties and listen to lot's of DJ's






Damian Mc Sorley

State: Northern Ireland

Education:1988, Degree in Youth and Community Work from the University of Ulster

at Jordanstown in Belfast and have a Certificate in Counselling from Queens University, Belfast.

I have a keen interest in Gaelic football. Now that my football career is over,

I like going to watch gaelic football matches.






Shauna Mc Donald

State: Northern Ireland

Education: 2009 degree in visual communication

I am 24 year old Irish female who loves an active lifestyle.

I play football for my local club and I enjoy cycling and tennis in my free time.






Agata Poczmańska

State: Poland

Student of European Studies at the Warsaw University in Poland. Activist of student's association and NGO.

Fascinated by Czech and Spanish cinematography, by sailing, reading books and... getting to know the world.






Tomasz Piaseczny

State: Poland

I'm student of European studies at Warsaw University, president and founder of the "Young Democrats" Association in Konin, a member of the scientific circle Touching Europe  functioning at the Department of European Studies of Warsaw Uniewrsytetu.

In people I appreciate the openness, creativity and commitment in the work done. I am curious about the world and people, my passion is politics, motorcycles, music, photography and travel. In my spare time from social activities I like to read a good book or watch good movie.





Roman-Gabriel Olar
State: Romania


Motto: "If you have will, you can do anything".

Hobbies: sports, especially swimming, reading about geopolitics and electronic music







Simone Obreja

State: Spain

Education:Ph.d. graduate in international Relations,

European Union at the University Complutense of Madrit, Spain.

I've obtained my Master's Degree at the same university in the Mass media Instituation Managment.

I am highly intrested in teh European Policy, I am definitely an euro-optimist,

I feel European, I breath European....



Cosay Kacar

State: Turkey

Motto: „Carpe Diem“

Hobbies: Photography, Theatre, Travelling, sports mostly with adrenalin(includes rafting, taekwondo,

basketball, scuba-diving, horse-riding, paragliding...

Education: Senior student on industrial engineering.





Nihan Gültekin
State: Turkey

Education: geography at Ege university in Turkey.
My interests; playing violin, cooking, reading,

swimming,listen classical, jazz and etnic musics

and travelling,exploring diffirent cultures 
and places.





Byulent Hasanov 

State: UK

A highly astute and diligent graduate with substantial

academic background and appropriate experience based on

successful accomplishment of previous diversified duties 

in extremely competitive environments, is seeking to pursue

a thriving career in the business, finance or banking areas. 







Anil Erkara

State: France/Turkey

Motto: "The two shots will never go down the same"

25 years old, Native Turkish, graduated from publical Finance

and i am making EVS in France, i love to work on Youth in Action

France country eats up my English! please help me;)





Darius Montrimas

State: Lithuania

Motto: "Work, win a prize and then travel"

I'm last year student of political science in Vilnius University. 

I have finished publishing and prepress courses.

I'm interesting in architecture, graphic design and cinema.




Slobodan Stojicic 

State: Serbia


For several years on a local radio station Radio 016, 

"regulates and water (with its team of people) 

on the alternative music show called" Mic Check 016.

Parallel to the emission has its 

Experimental / Crunk / Hip Hop band called "L2K"  

Extracting a couple of appearances, radio appearances, 

listing in all relevant charts and reports on television.



 Ali Duggan

State: Northern Ireland

Motto: 'Always be a first rate version of yourself,  instead of a second rate version of somebody else.'

I am currently employed by Youth Action Northern Ireland, and my area of expertise is youth work.

I enjoy walking, aerobics, listening to music and eating out with my family and friends. 

I like to travel and I hope to do more of this in the future.  I am studying for my certificate in Youth work at the moment,

and I hope to continue with my studies in the future in Youth and community work.



Tjasa Viler

State: Slovenia

One of my greatest passions is travelling, that's way my favourite quotation is: Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do... Explore. Dream. Discover." M. Twain. And also my study is connected with my passion, because i study geography (well i finish all the exams, the last thing to do is to write my diploma). 

So that's why i i like to be active as much as i. I'm also a sport person, especially i like cycling, basketball, football, volleyball, my goal for next winter is to learn (again) to skii. 




Francisco Sequeiro Allegue

State: Italy

Uff and now the most difficult... talk about me... Can I say?

Maybe that I´m a person very restless, maybe that I love travel.

The people say that I´m a adventurer. I like read and write (I would like be a professional writer).

Now I´m doing the last course of my degree (Personnel management) in a small city of Italy inside of the Erasmus program.

What I´m going to do after this? 

Sincerely I don´t know. The destiny will choose... ;)



Magda Mazur  

State: Poland
Cultural scientist, ethnologist, civic education trainer and  culture animator. Currently coordinating The School for Leaders for the Polish Community Abroad project. A wide variety of personal interests, ranging from civic education, Holocaust historiography, cuisine, ethical relativism, american popculture, Warsaw in all its aspects to learning how to dance salsa.


Jen Banks
State: Northern Ireland 
Hobbies: gym, reading, playing, getting involved generally.
Education: Degree in Environmental Science, currently studying for MPhil in  Sustainalility,
Citenship and Future Transformation
Dovile Puidokaite
State: Lithuania
Motto: Just have a wish, try to achieve it and bilieve in your sucesss.
I am a third year student in Institute of International Relations and
Political Science at Vilnius University.
My hobbies are singing, cinema and traveling.
Education: Degree in Environmental Science, currently studying for MPhil in Sustainability,
Citizenship and Future Transformation.
Monika Szwaczka
State: Poland
I am representing AEGEE-Kraków organization. I am also  district councillor in my city.
I love traveling just as meeting new people which I found as a treasure
I am discovering on my way of life.
Currently I am writing my thesis which will end my Sociology studies.


Petros Christoforakos
State: Greece

Rania Papastavropoulou
State: Greece


Naim Ozgur

State: Turkey (UK)