8.5.– Sailors sail in
The welcome evening - icebreakers and ‘getting to know you’ exercises

9.5. Sailors on their citizenShips
Teambuliding, getting to know the Sailors story, the local reality, intercultural evening

10.5. Sailors and tools
Opening the toolfair of non-formal educational methods, course of toolfair (more info)

11.5. Sailors and tools
Tool fair and good practices of projects supporting active citizenship

12.5. Sailors on the European CitizenShip
Study visit to youth info centres (more info

13.5. Preparing for the reality
Preparing for happening in the city and creating live library. That´s all on the topic of "Me, an active citizen. Me and my culture."
Discussions with local policy makers on the topic: the challenges and successes of youth policy in practice (more info)

14.5. Sailors cruising CitizenShip
Happening and live library in the city centre (more info)

15.5. Sailors review, evaluate and think of future
Evaluating the happening in the city, networking, evaluation of the event

16.5. Sailors sail away
Sailors sail away and multiply!