Under the patronage of Ing. Ondřej Červinka
Within the framework of the international project „Sailors on the CitizenShip“ – Fair XXL
LIBEREC, Czech Republic,12.5. 2010

One part of Sailors on the CitizenShip project are study visits, where participants of the meeting will have the possibility to explore local informative, iniciative and educating centres for youth.


Preliminary programme:


08:45 Intro to the day of Study Visits*
         Speech of the Patron of the day of Study visits in Liberec - Ing. Ondřej Červinka - deputy
         for education and sports of the president of the city of Liberec. 
         Introduction to Study Visits by Ondřej Lochman (LOS)
         "What is study visit - how to manipulate with this tool?" by Sean McDermott (MadCap ngo)

09:30 Children TV (
         Introuction of birth of DTV, activities a the type of work with children and youth
         Critical thinking methods and own iniciative procedures

11:30 V-Klub Liberec (
         Introduction of informative and supportive systems for youth

         The club activities introduction

         Polaczek exhibition as a cross-border youth iniciative

13:30 Divizna - Ecological education centre
         Introduction and specification of ecological education in Liberec region
         Introduction of methods leading to active citizenship


15:00 Free time in Liberec


*Each participant will have the possibility to chose to participate at 2 study visits.


Description of the places we will visit:

V-klub - Open club for young people aged 12 years of age.

Part of the V- klub is a Youth Information Centre.
- In the club is an opportunity to play billiar, table football or darts for free, youth can lend lots of board games, read a magazine or just sit and chat with their friends. The clubs offers the possibility to organize your own event to the public.
- V-Club holds not a few events. During the month of May the club holds for example: Film festival Nisa, performances of music and dance club in a children and youth house Pinwheel or you can see a Fairytale “There and Back Again” performed by a drama group of  Technical University Liberec’s students.
- Among other things, The V-club holds every year summer camps for children aged 7-14. This year is the topic “Planet Earth”. During the camp activities are focused on: Creative art, camping, outdoor and survival skills, sports games, Outward bound based activities, full lenght camp game (czech rarity) and especially a lot of fun.

DIVIZNA (mullein) - Urban Environmental Education Centre at ZOO Liberec

- Centre for Environmental Education Divizna - provides quality services in the field of environmental education and awareness
Divizna works in the following areas:
- Coordination of programs and Eco Schools for Sustainable Development in the Liberec
- Implementation of environmental education programs for school groups
- Organizing seminars, tours and creative workshops for students of faculties of education, teachers, leaders and children's sections of hobby groups, the general public ...ect.
- Communication with other organizations organizing Environmental education and edification  in the region and across the country
- Methodological and informative support for environmental education during integrating into school curricula
- Coordination of the network of schools in the Liberec region interested in Environmental Education - Project MRKEV (CAROTTE)


Children's TV Liberec

CHTV is part of nationwide Children's TV, which is a project under the auspices of the Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic.
-    Together, they create monthly called “Bedna” (“Telly”) and other interesting programs. They supports creative activities for young people, leads to activities, energy, the independent thinking and to criticize.
-    Our goal is to lead children and young people to their active work and the ability to freely and clearly articulate their views and attitudes. All the programs that originate in the Children's TV are produced entirely independently by children and young people. And that means from the first theme, through the filming, and the resulting technical processing untill completion of the program. Adult volunteers assist the children during the production mainly during creating  programmes to shape their own work but do not interfere.
-    In Children's TV Liberec is currently actively involved in the project, 20 members aged 12 to 26 years from Liberec and surroundings, who regularly meet at least once a week on the editorial board and they systematicly work on the preparation and completion of individual programs such as: reports, documentaries or interviews,... etc.